Updated on 12 May 2021

Top best free online resources to prepare for IIT JEE

As you have landed on this page, then definitely you must be searching for some free resources to prepare for IIT JEE. Online learning platforms have great potentiality. Gone are the days when people used to go to the coaching institutes, paying lakhs of fees, tired of going to attend the classes, and whatnot. Nowadays, just within a click of a mouse button, you can get access to a whole lot of study materials, videos, practice exercises, and many more. You'll find a lot of paid online courses. But don't worry. In this article, we will let you know the best free online resources to prepare for IIT JEE or the top best youtube channel to prepare for IIT JEE. Whatever you say!

Top best free online resources to prepare for IIT JEE

Pradeep Ksetrapal Physics can be easy, as well as hard to understand. But have you ever wondered why? Maybe we don't observe nature, or we don't try to understand it properly. The knowledge of physics at the ground level, that's what we lack the most.

But Hey! Don't worry! We are here to guide you.

You might be preparing for IIT JEE, or you are just curious about Physics. You want to clear up your concepts from the root level to advance, then head over to the Pradeep Ksetrapal Youtube channel. The channel has over 2000+ videos, explained every concept in detail with examples. The videos are a little bit longer, but you need to have patience. You want success, then having a little bit of patience is necessary.

Don't forget, if your basic concepts are not clear, you can't even get 1% close to qualifying entrance exams. So, it doesn't matter if you're not preparing for entrance exams. You're a student of class 11-12, then start learning from this channel and clear your concepts.
Khan Academy What if we get to learn physics, chemistry, and maths in one place. It would be amazing, right? Khan Academy has tons of free content on their Youtube channel as well as their website. The website contains the same videos from youtube, but there's an advantage of using it. You can track your learning progress. That's fab! Also, they provide practice exercises that you won't find on their youtube channel. These videos are much helpful when it comes to preparing for any entrance exams. They not only have videos for class 11-12 but IIT JEE preparation also.
Mohit Tyagi Is maths getting tough the more you try to solve different problems? Are you frustrated about solving it? Are you struggling to remember all the formulas, or even if you do remember, you can't apply them in the right way? Ugghhh! So confusing, right?

Mohit Tyagi prepares you to solve mathematical problems effectively. The channel has over 1500+ videos. This channel is a perfect place for you to learn maths from the basic level to advance. They have playlists for IIT JEE (Mains and Advance) also.
It's of great advantage learning from an IIT-Delhi graduate about how to get into IIT. Isn't it?

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Unacademy JEE Unacademy is a great platform where you can prepare for IIT JEE. Physics, Chemistry, or Maths, pick up anyone, and you are good to go. They also have a youtube channel. So, you need not worry about anything. You'll come across some great instructors, teaching each concept in detail. You can also attend live classes on their youtube channel. With over 1500+ videos and 800k+ subscribers, Unacademy provides you the best learning experience overall.
Veritasium The truth is, Veritasium is not a channel that'll prepare you for IIT JEE or any entrance exams. Veritasium is a channel of real science. This channel shows how science works in the real world, how physics works.
Now, why have I included the Veritasium channel on this list?

The answer is simple. Don't study anything just for the sake of getting into a good institute. Study to learn something. Science is nature. Learn how science revolves around you.

Veritasium channel has tons of videos on science and explained with practical works. You'll get addicted to the videos once you start watching them. Practical examples always help us to understand how things work behind a particular concept. So, do watch the videos from this channel. It'll help you a lot.
Free IIT Coaching

Free IIT Coaching provides tons of free study materials to prepare for IIT JEE. They have 100+ teachers who'll help you to learn through the course.
If you want a free course to start preparing for IIT JEE, then this is the perfect platform for you. Also, don't stick to these tutorials only. Do a little bit of research by yourself as well, and you'll get to know which one's best for you.

We have picked up what's best and popular among other students, not you. Nobody can tell what's best for you. Only you can. So, trust yourself.

It's always good to know the inner self of yours. All The Best!