How to Motivate Employees

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Many organizations and employers may not take the time to understand what exactly it takes to get employees fully engaged in their current position. And many statistics prove that there is room for improvement in the corporate sector pertaining to motivation of employees.

Understanding Employees:
The fact is that each employee will be motivated by something different and therefore require different motivation techniques in order to reach their full and maximum potential. As a result, organizations or employers must understand what makes their employees tick and then organize programs that allow people to connect
My personal philosophy is that motivation generally comes from within you can’t force motivation, because everyone is motivated by different things. The key to motivating employees then is creating an environment where people feel that they can do their best work and that may act as driving force that helps in creating  wonders in the work environment both professionally and personally
The first step in creating this environment is ensuring that the organization hires the best and right people.
When we are looking to hire new employees, one of the first things we look for is someone who fits our corporate culture If someone comes in and s/he are excited about the job and are adaptable to the corporate culture, they will have a much better chance of being successful and motivated.This way ensuring that employee goals are aligned with corporate vision will go long way

Improving Relationship
While all of these steps can lead to more motivated and successful employees, perhaps the most important is improving relationships between supervisors/employers and their employees.
If I had to choose one area for organizations to improve upon, it would be the respect and relationship between the supervisor/employers and their employees, this is the exact environment we are talking about coz this is the area prone to many problems and having a good understanding between the leaders and employees solves many issues  
Improving this relationship does not have to be difficult. In fact, it is often the little things that make the most difference.
Just wishing to employees in the morning is huge. By acknowledging employees and making eye contact with them, you are validating their existence in the organization and this can make a big difference in the perception that employees have of their employers/supervisors