How to Write a Good Resume to get a Right Job

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We all knew that resume is a key part of getting a online jobs in hyderabad where it is a snapshot summarizing our qualifications, qualities and skills. In order to make a good initial impression, a well written resume needs to be organized, concise and clear and should be content relevant to the position we are applying for and this information is used by the employer to determine if we meet the job requirements and whether or not to select us for an interview. There are few steps which we have to follow to make the resume more compelling for the employer.

Resume Heading:

It is the first important line which attracts the employer and makes the resume more interesting for the employer. Always keep it simple and short by not over optimizing with words

Personal Details:

Always mention your full name(surname) with first and last names, present current address, and contact numbers and the most important personal detail is your EMAIL-ID (never use unprofessional email address)and always prefer to have a email-id which goes by your name or nick name

Note: There are few times where your address or contact number may be misused so always be sure not to give your resumes to individuals who may delude you by promising you to get you a good job


List out all your qualifications from Metriculation to your final degree(PG,Phd,M.Phil) and make sure that you add percentage of marks and the year of completion which is the most essential part of your resume(Qualification).It makes employer work easy as few jobs requires a fresher and few may go with students of different year pass outs. And always mention all your training or apprenticeship certificates, which you have done during your study they are additional boost to your qualification which may interest the employer

Work Experience:

If you have any work experience, this is the most essential part of your entire resume, and make sure you make the best of it. Never make it too long for one or two pages, always mention only important points that are related to the job you are applying for and if possible highlight Job Title and Business Name by using bold or italics and once again mention years of experience (Period of Work) you have coz this is the part of your resume which every employer looks for.


Mention Awards, Prizes and scholarships you have received.

Interests and Hobbies:

Write all the summary of the things which personally interests you such as cultural activities, sports, music etc.