Why should I Hire you - Do's and Dont's

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This is the question that every employer found of and this is the same question that most of the employees are vulnerable to, most of them fade out while answering to “why should I hire you”

What Not to Say
Always be prepared and think thoroughly about the answer you will saying to the employer prior to the interview coz it may be a win or loose situation for you and all the dreams you dreamt of landing to that job might get shattered  Here are few answers to the question which you are not supposed to say:
-"Because I really need this job!" This response shows that you are only focused on your needs, not those of the employer and it may send wrong reply to him
-"Because I'm a hard worker and could do a really good job." This answer is too generic, and will not differentiate you from all of the other candidates.

The Best Answer
An effective answer to the question, "Why should I hire you?" will do the following:
-Highlight the key skills and qualifications you have for the position that you are applying for
-Provide brief examples that illustrate what results you have achieved with your skills and never elongate any answer, always stick to the details which are relevant to your applied job
-Demonstrate your knowledge of the company its mission, problems and goals and how you will bring value to the company. Always be genuine and give the employer a feel that you are “The One” guy h/se should bet on

How to Prepare Your Answer
It is important not only because you might be asked this specific question, but also because this question underlies almost every other question you might be asked by the employer. When you are asked questions such as "What are your strengths?" or "What interests you about our organization?" the employer is thinking, bottom-line, "Why should I hire you?" Therefore, be prepared to answer this question in the best way as you can coz it helps you in answering most of the questions asked by the Employer in the interview as well

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