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There are many things every employer need while evaluating an employee

Write a better job posting

   In today’s E-world, there are several jobs which compete to get a potential Employees attention. Kudos to internet that a employee can access several jobs pertaining to different categories and organizations throughout the world, in this scenario to attract the most eligible and qualified candidate in such a throng is the most important task for any employer.
  Writing a good job posting is the first opportunity that an employer has and make sure to get the best out of it. While posting a job think about the employee and what attracts his or her attention.

Application and interview process

It all starts during Application and interview process that will help to ensure you hire good people the first time. Screening process should start with application or resume. Never skip the Background check of the employee coz it is important to know that the employee has clean hands and not involved in any illicit acts

Qualities to Look For

  • Responsibility: Seek people who will see their tasks through to the end, and will claim responsibility for their work and their actions on the job
  • Behavior:  Nice people make the best employees. In general, they are fast learners, easy to teach, and fun to be around.
  • Initiative: Does the candidate demonstrate an interest in self-starting? Find for someone who will find something to do when they run out of work, rather than someone who'll wait to be told what to do
  • Discipline: This is something which can’t be taught.He has to know the code of behavior how to interact with people and his immediate superiors
  • Consistent: Look for employers who are dependable, show up on time, and will put in extra effort when necessary to finish the job.
  • Empathetic: Your employees should be able to recognize when coworkers or customers are having trouble, and be courteous and aware of their needs.
  • Modest: Look for people who give credit where credit is due, and should always be a team player rather than who always bats for his own
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