Questions every employer should ask

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The primary goal of that final face-to-face interview is to dril into a candidate’s background and determines if they are truly the right match for the job. At this point of the interview process, it is important for Employers to learn as much as they can about their selected or filtered candidates by asking questions relating to the following key areas:

Personality, Work Ethic and Environment:

  1. What are your top three motivators?
  2. What type of professional environment is ideal for you?
  3. Describe a time where you excelled in a team environment

Career Progression:

  1. How does this opportunity align with your future goals?
  2. In what areas have you improved the most? How?

Interest in Opportunity:

  1. What characteristics of our company and this opportunity are most attractive to you?
  2. What, if anything, would prevent you from taking this offer?

Finally, when conducting an effective final face to face interview, it’s important to listen first and talk second. Allowing the candidate to expand on a topic will enable you to learn more about what is valuable to that candidate and uncover red flags and narrow down which candidate fits best with your organization.
Take the time to learn about each candidate you interview and find out which one stands out most. Your goal as an employer is to see who the person is, and how they align with your company

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